Reviewed April 1st 2020

Pain Options Services
COVID-19 Policy

Pain Options has implemented all up to date recommendations for management of the COVID-19 pandemic provided by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Australian government. These recommendations are being reviewed and updated on a daily basis as further information comes to hand.

Pain Options will continue to provide in-person consultations for private clients

Appointments and services will continue as normal, with the necessary additional infection control and social distancing procedures in place for both staff and patients in place.

Paperwork completed online

Whether you are coming to see us in the clinic or via our telehealth / videolink services, all screening questionnaires and personal details will be filled out online to reduce contact / handling of physical resources – plus this will reduce the time needed to be at your appointment.

Billing completed electronically

Where possible, all payments will now be taken over the phone to reduce personal contact.

Pain Options will also offer telehealth services for private clients

These services include:

  1. Telehealth initial consultations
  1. Follow-up consultations for clients where an initial consultation has already occurred



Bookings for services can still be made via the usual channels:

T: 9367 2300



Note: telehealth consultations may not be covered under private health insurance


What to Expect From Your Appointment

Options mean not everyone needs the same approach to management – which is where our expertise comes in. When you come to see us you can expect to:

  • Be asked what YOU WANT to get out of seeing the Pain Options team
  • You will be LISTENED to
  • Be given a clear EXPLANATION of your problem
  • Be given a clear PERSONALISE PLAN of what to do about it
  • Receive care aligned with the LATEST KNOWLEDGE AND EVIDENCE