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Our OPT-IN Programs assist people to improve their quality of life through an individually tailored movement and education program.

OPT-IN Pain Management Program

Persistent pain is a complex experience that can affect all aspects of your life. There is no single path that everyone can take to recover, or manage their pain more effectively.

At Pain Options you will have an exercise program specifically tailored for you by a senior physiotherapist. We include education throughout the program to help you understand the pain puzzle.

The skills that you learn will assist you to either recover from your pain, or learn to live well with it. You will learn how to safely increase your activity levels to more fully participate in work, family and recreation.

Our program is designed to help people with persistent pain. Common types of pain problems that benefit from this approach are fibromyalgia, widespread pain and persistent pain that has not responded to other medical or surgical management.

It is not suitable for people with acute pain (less than six weeks), or those with palliative cancer pain.

Fibromyalgia and Opt-In


OPT-IN Physical Wellbeing Program

At Pain Options we will help you to improve your physical health and get moving in a way that suits you, by providing a program specifically tailored for you.

Physical wellbeing helps people to achieve a healthy quality of life. It can improve brain and heart health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, and strengthen bones and muscles.

Physical wellbeing also affects your mental health and emotional wellbeing. It reduces the risk of mental illness and helps some people to better manage their mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

People reduce their activity levels for many reasons, including illness, injury and lack of time.

The skills that you learn will assist you to achieve your movement goals. Here are some common reasons for completing the program:

  • Improve physical wellbeing to assist in managing mental health
  • Get moving again after a long period of illness, injury or just not moving very much
  • Learn how to get moving safely when you have other medical conditions (For example arthritis, diabetes)
  • Safely increase your activity levels to more fully participate in work, family activities and recreation.
  • Regain muscle strength, balance and function that have been affected by aging.

How to participate

Our OPT-IN programs are flexible and you can complete them in a number of ways. Your initial consultation is with a senior physiotherapist, who then tailors the program to suit you. Most people attend weekly and complete the program within 10 to 15 sessions.

If you’re already seeing a physiotherapist, or other health care practitioner, our program can be completed alongside your current treatment.

We work closely with other health professionals, as often a team approach is required to achieve the best outcomes.

Private health and CDMP (Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan) rebates available.

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