Edited 26th March 2020

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is when your appointment takes place with the assistance of technology, when you and your physiotherapist cannot be physically in the same place. Preferably you and your physiotherapist will be able to see each other via a video to video link. This would be just like using Facetime or Skype.


What to Expect From Your Appointment

Options means not everyone needs the same approach to management – which is where our expertise comes in. When you come to see us you can expect to:

  • Be asked what YOU WANT to get out of seeing the Pain Options team
  • You will be LISTENED to
  • Be given a clear EXPLANATION of your problem
  • Be given a clear PERSONALISED PLAN of what to do about it
  • Receive care aligned with the LATEST KNOWLEDGE AND EVIDENCE


About Telehealth Appointments

At Pain Options, much of your telehealth appointment will be fairly similar to a face to face appointment and will include:

  • You will be asked to complete some questionnaires online that tell us about how your problem is affecting your functional capacity and also about how you are more generally coping.
  • An in-depth discussion with your physiotherapist about your problem.
  • Your physiotherapist will ask you to demonstrate movements or have you perform other tests while they watch on the screen.
  • You and your physiotherapist will discuss the findings of the assessment in detail.
  • You will be educated about your problem.
  • You and your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan.
  • Treatment will include advice, exercises and further education on strategies to help you manage your condition.
  • You will be sent a summary of your appointment.


Preparing For Your Telehealth Appointment

  • Try to set-up your computer / device so there is space behind you for us to observe you doing movements such as sitting, standing, bending, squatting and possibly lying down.
  • Equipment to have available includes:
    • A chair
    • Yoga mat or towel
    • Some light weight (anything that weighs 1,2 or 3kg)
    • A tissue and a toothpick (if we do sensation testing)
  • We suggest you wear something comfortable, but that allows us to see the relevant body part/s. For example, with a shoulder problem, a singlet or sports bra. And shorts for hip / knee / ankle problems.

Other information

  • We have information handouts on how to use our telehealth system (Cliniko) – but it is pretty simple even if you are not great with technology. This uses secure medical practice software.
  • We also have the option of using other telehealth programs if needed, such as Skype or FaceTime.
  • To protect your privacy, the video of your appointment is not recorded.