Our Philosophy

Pain is a complex and individual experience – which means that there is no one path that a person needs to take to either recover from their pain or learn to live well with their pain.

Our passion is helping people identify the appropriate options for managing their individual situation – hence our motto “Practical Solutions for Complex Problems”.

Our background is Physiotherapy, but we work closely with other health professionals including doctors, pain specialists and psychologists (or anyone else involved in your health care or wellness) – as often a team approach is required to achieve the best outcomes.

We have extensive experience with sporting injuries and common orthopaedic aches and pains – this means if you see us for a relatively simple problem, you probably won’t need to hang out with us too much, as we like to provide the right treatment and advice to help send you on your way and back into action as soon as possible.

More recently we have shifted our focus to helping individuals with more complex and complicated problems – which doesn’t necessarily mean that you need lots of treatment – as our approach is to provide you with some control and options to move forward with your problem. Some people choose to see us for a one-off opinion, which we are happy to provide. However, if needed, we will also stick with you for the long haul.

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