Recovery Options Review?

We work closely with other treatment providers and scheme stakeholders to guide workers toward the right care early in their recovery.

For a number of years, Pain Options has worked closely with injured workers, insurers, employers, rehabilitation providers and medical specialists to develop a service which is collaborative and well aligned to other medical services. This helps us effectively direct workers towards the right care early in their recovery.

We deliver results

The Recovery Options Review service has been independently measured by two larger insurers and was shown to significantly reduce time off work and total claims costs by more than 20%.

Based on WorkCover WA data the service has delivered an estimated scheme saving of $5 million through timely return to work and focus on high-value-care.

Over 1000 workers have now accessed the Recovery Options Review service and report high satisfaction and improved confidence in their ability to recover.

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Workers who understand their injury and are actively involved in their recovery do better.

During the Recovery Options Review, workers are clinically assessed in an educative and interactive manner. They receive clear information which focuses on helping them understand their condition and addresses their key concerns. Workers are empowered with individualised management plans that promote active participation.

Our ROR clinicians are highly skilled and experienced

All Recovery Options Review clinicians have completed postgraduate clinical training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. In addition to this, they receive over 100 hours of training through Pain Options to ensure they are effective in triaging, delivering guideline-based advice, and communicating effectively with stakeholders within the workers’ compensations scheme.

We are convenient, flexible and timely

The Recovery Options Review service can be accessed in Joondalup, South Perth, and Rockingham or virtually via Telehealth. We also have partner clinics in other states if further local clinical assessment is required. We offer appointments within a week and provide reports to all stakeholders within 48 hours of our reviews.

The service delivers a good return on investment

The service costs $600 (inclusive of initial and follow-up review and all reports), and in compensable setting delivers an estimated average claim saving of $10,000.

When to refer?

Indicators of slower than expected recovery can be apparent 2-12 weeks post-injury.
Any timepoint within this range would be appropriate for referral.

Triggers for a Recovery Options Review could include:

  • Limited progress with management
  • Minimal active treatment in place
  • Lack of understanding around their pain or problem
  • Unhelpful messaging relating to their injury or pathology
  • Concerns around passive treatment
  • Query appropriate active rehabilitation prior to surgery
  • Presence of ‘yellow flags’ such as unhelpful beliefs
  • Unclear physical work capacity
  • Unclear indications for further investigations or specialist referral
  • Widespread pain

How does it work?

Referrals can be made via phone, email or the Pain Options website.

Appointments will occur within a week of the referral. We will contact the worker.

The assessment will include screening of the key predictive factors for return to work and recovery, a targeted patient interview and clinical examination, worker education and the development of an action plan in consultation with the worker. The review includes a written report and communication with key parties within 48 hours of the review.

A follow-up review will be completed with the individual (in person or telehealth) 2-4 weeks later to reinforce key messages and action on the recommendations.

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