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Workers Compensation Musculoskeletal Pain Compendium

Information has been compiled to provide an easy reference guide for people involved in the workers’ compensation sector, on commonly used terms and other important aspects of management of workers with Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders.

This information is based on contemporary evidence but also includes some practical interpretation added by the authors to assist understanding and application in the context of the workers’ compensation environment.

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Use of the ‘Clinical Framework’ for Management of Injured Workers’ in Western Australia

This report evaluates knowledge and understanding of the ‘Clinical Framework’ amongst a range of stakeholders in the West Australian workers’ compensation system.

The report is titled:

Knowledge and Use of The ‘Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services’ in Western Australia: Summary report of a survey of workers’ compensation stakeholders.

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Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework

A framework for helping manage musculoskeletal pain has been published as an eBook by authors including three members of the pain Options Team. This framework is used in university teaching about musculoskeletal pain in a number of countries around the world, as well as health care practitioners all over the world. Click Here.

Download: Article: Management for Injured Workers

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