Injured Worker Review

As part of our Specialist Physiotherapy services, our expert team provide Specialist Physiotherapy Reviews for injured workers. Injured Worker Review may be requested by treating practitioners, rehabilitation providers, insurers or other stakeholders.

This review includes a comprehensive clinical examination to establish:

  • an evidence informed diagnosis
  • a comprehensive list of factors contributing to the worker’s pain problem
  • a detailed plan for management

This is a collaborative process designed to offer practical solutions to help the individual make further progress. The assessment typically involves a 1-hour clinical consultation and a comprehensive (but useful) report – that is shared via active engagement with all stakeholders.

PLEASE NOTE: All insurance appointments are to be made by telephone

Download: About Your Specialist Physiotherapy Review

Download: Pain Options Compensation Services Guide

Injured Worker Review

Treating practitioners are invited to attend the appointment to promote communication. As we care about outcomes, we often provide a follow-up review (usually 2-8 weeks after the initial consultation) to optimise integration of management strategies.

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