Options means not everyone needs the same approach to management – or even their appointments.

Our usual approach when we see you for the first time is to book a 40 minute consult. If things are particularly complicated, or you just like to chat, or if you plan on asking us about 5 different problems – you may choose to ask for a 1 hour initial session.

On the other hand, you may have a simple problem or query (or a complex problem and the budget is a bit tight or you really only want a quick opinion) – then you can also ask for a 20 minute quick consult.

Our usual approach for follow-up appointments is a 30 minute consult – so we can spend the time to do things well. But at times we may suggest, or you may choose, that the 20 minute options is suitable for you and your circumstances.

Remember – we try hard to stick to time, so if you book 20 mins, expect to get 20 minutes.

Price Information

Consultation Time Price
Specialist Physio Initial Consult 40 min $200
Specialist Physio Standard Consult 30 min $150
Specialist Physio Short Consult 20 min $110
Specialist Physio Extended Consult 60 min $300
Senior Physio Initial Consult 40 min $146
Senior Physio Standard Consult 30 min $110
Senior Physio Short Consult 20 min $75
Senior Physio Extended Consult 60 min $220

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You will find we are extra good at what we do, but what we won’t do is add hidden extras to your bill. For example, if we have to apply some tape or give you some elastic for a home exercise, then there is no extra charge on top of the consult fee – its part of the service.

Of course if you need some specific equipment that we can supply, then, we will charge for that – but it will be at a good price, as our business is health and wellness, not sales.

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