Our Difference

With six Specialist Physiotherapists and four Senior Physiotherapists, our team has the expertise to help you with any musculoskeletal pain problem or injury.

We are heavily involved in university education of Physiotherapists as well as research into musculoskeletal pain problems. So when you visit Pain Options, you can be assured you are being looked after by a team on the forefront of knowledge and Physiotherapy treatment.

Options means not everyone needs the same approach to management – which is where our expertise comes in. When you come to see us you can expect to:

  • Be asked what YOU WANT to get out of seeing the Pain Options team
  • Be given a clear explanation of your problem
  • Be given a clear plan of what to do about it
  • Receive care aligned with the latest knowledge and evidence



Our usual approach when we see you for the first time is to book a 40 minute consult. If things are particularly complicated, or you just like to chat, or if you plan on asking us about 5 different problems – you may choose to ask for a 1 hour initial session.

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