Reviewed April 1st 2020

Pain Options Clinical and Telehealth Services
COVID-19 Policy

Pain Options has implemented all up to date recommendations for management of the current COVID-19 pandemic provided by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Australian government. These recommendations are being reviewed on a daily basis.

Pain Options currently continues to provide in-person consultations for workers’ compensation clients.

Appointments and services will continue as normal, with the necessary additional screening and infection control procedures and social distancing in place for both staff and patients.

Pain Options also offer Telehealth services for workers’ compensation clients.

These services include:


  1. Telehealth initial consultations
    • Review of full history and LISTEN to the workers’ perspective
    • Current management reviewed
    • Screening questions to inform diagnosis and management
    • A modified physical examination – developed and standardized across our team
    • A clear EXPLANATION of their problem
    • A PERSONALISED plan of what to do about it
    • Recommendations on other guideline-based care
  1. Telehealth follow-up consultations
    • Continue to monitor and progress physiotherapy management recommendations
    • Monitor and progress prescribed exercises
    • Provide pain education and activity pacing advice
    • Monitor that guideline-based care is continuing to be applied
  1. File Review services will still be offered (see services guide HERE)

Referral for services can still be made via the usual channels:T: 9367 2300